THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, nik, nik… do i have a catch of a home “maker” for you. this so called big man on campus walks around with his nose in the air and his thumb in.. well where the sun don’t shine! hes best known for his two faced and undeniable false charm. sometimes you cant tell if hes actually that daft or just imagining hes smart. either way “Mr. chad” is a species all on its own. he lives in his own world where reality’s are more than exact opposite of the norm. nik, this smashing young man can seem like the nicest most considerate man out there but in reality hes an ass-whole who looks like a dick head. hell put every aspect of you down only because hes jealous. oh wait! the best part.. ready nik? sometimes i think Mr chad would rather be called Mrs chad… he accessorizes more than a high maintenance super model, he goes to a gay club as a straight man and then complains about lack of attention. my warning for you nik is to keep well away and if you see this smashing young man point and laugh, hell probably laugh with you…. so after all of that my question… would you nik?

Heavy accessorize-rs are either douchebags or for the gays.  His arms would be more swollen if he was a d-bag.- nik