THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think jesse koren should be exposed for being such stinky, gross compulsize lier jesse is so gross he use to play with his greg in high school in his desk. He is also crazy over little boys and always wants to be around them i think he maybe a pedophile . he always lies and says he owens a hotel in medican hat when really he owns nothing its his friend that does , he goes around my hotel acting like all the girls want him but really just wanna run away because he smells so bad . He tells everyone he is a bouncer at the cecil when really he so retard he fakes being drunk because he thinks girls will come up to his nasty hotelroom with him i seen it the other day he had maggots on the corner of the wall GROSSSSSS so nik tell me what you think of this lying stinky kid

He’s clearly not a bouncer.  Just a good excuse as to why he’s standing outside of the club.- nik