THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this little queen is none other than Austin Sargent. he love’s flashing around his little ass for drugs. he also goes to KU and has his little tricks driving up there to give him sex so he can get his nasty m*th. I wouldn’t be suprised if this trick has about 20 different strands of drd’s that are not even around yet. he could be the miracle child for new drd strands. I guess if you like having your cake and eating it to, then he sure does know how to pick his friends. prancing around Wichita with the drag queens, Brandon Ewing, his favorite, that’s his stalker, and now it’s gone too far. No wonder why Miss Ewing has her face shoved up far in his poophole, she want’s to make sure that ass has not been tapped by anyone but her. JUST NASTY TRASH!!! please throw this little trick trash on blast and let all of KU know to be on the lookout, because he might try to trick his way into the heart of another lonely fg looking for mth, i mean love.

Whats his trick, a close shave and a colorful wig.  Nobody questions ‘chicks’ like that anymore.- nik