THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet “Lila OG”, or, Alissa. She has this ill-conceived notion that she is a “model” because she “models” clothing from oversea clothing companies. However, she takes almost all of her photos herself and most of them involve her posing blandly and staring like a drooling person in a wheelchair. I’m still not sure if she has some sort of malfunction involving her one eye, or if this is just unintended (or maybe intended?) special effects due to her inability to apply make-up. Her hobbies include religiously updating a blogspot blog that no one really cares about or comments on, uploading pictures to a modeling website (where she receives maybe an upwards of 20 comments on each ‘outfit’), oh, and doing Methamp***hetamine that she and her boyfriend procure from a local DJ. Due to the latter hobby, most of her photos and outfits are aimed to show off her extremely malnourished body, which one can only perceive is in order to draw attention away from her overly flared nostrils. And sunken cheeks. All of this behavior from a nineteen year old might be hard to grasp, but, in her own words, she’s just “misunderstood”: breaking every rule since 1993 fck with my east coast style i think you just don’t even know how to begin to understand it.

Everyones looking for an excuse to live that lifestyle (justification).- nik