THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gary Whitmore who lives in James Bay.. He’s the most f*cked up guy ever.. Lights are on but no one is home as the saying goes.. Smokes meth/coke whatever he can get his hands on, used to huff gas, sells sh*t for money.. Cant be trusted. Tried to take advantage of a women who had already told him 20 times that she was NOT interested in sex, seriously gross… on top of that when women are trying to push him away literally/ get away from him he thinks its cute and its all fun and games…really? cause that chick didnt.. talk about f*cked up.. Likes to f*ck multiple women doesnt matter if they are in a realtionship with his good buddies or not…also good friends with Nika Massey who is also listed on here..likes to say he is 36 and looks young.. when he is really 42 yrs old living with his x father in law who doesnt really like him..Has trouble paying rent and always looking for money, gas , drugs.. spends very little time with his dog..poor dog.

One of these days, he will sleep with a girl who’s boyfriend does care… and then get the sh*t kicked out of him.- nik