THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the pic with Corey Feldman and the blonde chick to his right. Her name is Lisa Sedlack.  She has been a stripper since she was 17 and her stripclub bouncers would pick her up from high school to hang out and take her to work. We knew she was a stripper cause the boys in school saw her dance one weekend and it was the talk of the class. She moved to Vegas became a stripper probably escort and now goes by the name of Lisa Marie on facebook. She travels around for shoes and money what does that tell ya (shes friends with Scooby Snack) and she made it big when she was in Timberlands video a few years back..some things never change. I wish you had a picture of her in highschool before she changed to a blonde she had brown hair, mousy looks and kmart clothes.

I can’t speak for Lisa Sedlack, but Scooby Snack texted me saying she is not pay for play and everyone is “highly inaccurate”.- nik