THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott Russell Bethea is the biggest scum bag in Austin, Texas. This ‘man’ is the biggest phony you’ve ever seen. He got drafted by the Boston Red Sox and played a few years some minor league. He’s a washed up athlete that continues to talk about his baseball years even though the man never made it to the major leagues. He’s not only an alcoholic that drinks everyday but he’s extremely violent and abusive. This loser brags about how amazing he was in baseball & how everyone is beneath him. Check out his FB page, he loser is living in the past [removed[ Hes a total piece of shit and needs to be stopped. Scott Bethea is a woman beater. This man forces women into having sex with him. He then makes them jack him off because he has a condition where he’s not able to orgasm due to baseball back injuries. He can’t even get an erection without taking Viagra. He’s extremely violent and abusive and the court has done nothing thus far. To add insult to injury, Scott’s **V positive and continues to sleep around with multiple woman without using protection. Scott REFUSES tell anyone that he’s H** positive and is infecting multiple ladies. He doesn’t seem to care who else H** positive becomes after he sleeps with them.He’s currently pending criminal charges for hitting his ex-girlfriend and has his second protective order because he stalks out these ladies after physically abusing them Travis County Protective Order Cause Number’s C-1-CV-10-003760 from 2010 C-1-CV-12-011255 from 2012 Scott was ordered to turn in all of his hand guns due to the protective orders but he still has them and continues to go hunting. Scott is a danger to himself and society and needs to be stopped
Travis County Misdemeanor Cause Numbers for beating up women C-1-CR-10-500600 C-1-CR-12-218859 Scott Bethea is a danger to himself and society. Please post this story so that women see this and are aware before they become infected/beaten. Scott Bethea needs to be stopped

That baseball cards one of those ‘face in a hole’ deals.  I decided.- nik