THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girlfriend is an escort and works with Scooby Snack all the time.  Lately Scooby Snack is super mad at you saying that all the posts on TheDirty about her are fake and that you are making stuff up about her and her clients.  My girlfriend always comes home and starts b*tching about Kina and how annoying she is starting to become and how full of herself she is getting.  I just wanted to tell Scooby Snack to shut up because everything is true.  Here is some proof about Mohammad the polo player she sees once in a while… Look at her basically begging for a trip to Dubai and I love what a skeez the guy Mohammad is and how is talking about getting them Louboutin’s to reel them in.  What is SS going to say about this now?

She will probably claim that someone hacked her twitter account.- nik

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