THE DIRTY ARMY: nik The internet is filled with tons of girls who are twitter and instagram hot and Azelle Hall is there to prey on them. Nik, this guy Azelle is a fcken predator and a creep. Since 2006 he has been claiming to be a photographer, an agent etc. He has set up numerous sites claiming to have exclusive models and work for anyone who signs up. Truth is he steals photos and content from photographers to make his site look legit then gets unsuspecting women’s info to harass them. As soon as one site is exposed he creats another one. He’s operated under Huntzmodel, tnamodels, luckiicharms, and now Rosecityempire. Check his twitter under Rosecitytemp and its literally 35 thousand tweets of him trying to harass women online into getting their info. If you search for his real name you will find results from different model forums that show he steals content and criminally harasses women. He has NO work, he has NO contacts in any of the industries he claims. Most experienced models ignore him, but a few impressionable young or new models have been scammed into giving him fees up front, or have been harassed when they refuse to cooperate.

30k’s a stretch for this dyke alike.- nik