THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG Nik! We all remember when Amanda Lynn’s mom commented on one of Amanda’s posts here on TheDirty, defending her daughter. Well, I was curious about this, so I went to her facebook page and what I saw absolutely horrified me! Nik, this is a state of emergency! I could not believe the video her mother shared of Amanda in all sorts of compromising positions, implied girl on girl action, acting like her usual wh*re self, more than half nude, like she was bragging about it! Now I know that some of the pervy weirdos and trouts who fish your site are gonna be thrilled to see it, but seriously, what kind of mother does such a thing?!? I know Amanda and know she has no respect from herself. It was obvious the first time I met her, but to see her mother practically pimping her out makes my stomach churn. I’m not claiming to be a perfect little angel myself but I would find it completely creepy & uncomfortable if my parents were displaying half naked modeling pictures of me, or pictures of me partying at a lingerie themed party, around the house, or on their FB page. It’s obvious this family has no morals or dignity. Is there any way we can get them some help?!? Seriously, they need family counseling! I’m now more worried about the state of our society than ever before. These “people” (and I use that term loosely) are a disgrace.

Someone is about to get a TON of friend requests.- nik