THE DIRTY ARMY: nik here is amanda partridge she is nothing but a welfare case dead beatmom she is a pathological lier and cannot be trusted she has two boys who she doesn’t even have custody of and doesn’t even make an effort but you can see her down town doing nothing with her life and you better believe at the end of the month you will see her strutting her low life ass through hess spening her 600$ welfare check but i almost cant blame her , her mother is no better lets say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this family i don’t think any of them ever worked a day in there life they depend the government to pay for every thing and amanda thinks that every one eles she raise her kids shes a disgrace and she have her tubs tied because she is just so unfit those boys are better off being adopted out but she will never be able to give them any type of life

So what your saying is she sleeps on a couch.- nik