THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you remember Jordan Walsh correct?  She is a porta potty out there looking for love.  I follow her on IG because it cracks me up.  So check this out.  On New Years Day, she posted some pictures at the Hornets game, one of Eric Gordon shooting a free throw and then one that said go hornets #10.  Its very obvious she was out there on his dime.  Anyway, this morning I go on her IG to show my girlfriend a pic of this because she is also seeing Eric, and its deleted.  Lucky I saved it on my phone, cause I knew Eric would go bananas when he found out what she posted on a social network.  Don’t these girls realize these pro athletes have 5 to 7 chicks on the roster.

Who is Eric Gordon… actually who are the Hornets?- nik

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