THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Aaron he claims and makes it appear to everyone that he is “Father or the year” and #1 Dad! Sadly he is very far from that,unless you consider leaving his child multiple times a week to go out and get hammered and 4 DUIS in six years and is 31yrs old but that’s for you to decide!?! This fantastic father also likes to take his 4 year old to parties with lots of drinking then drives home,along with dinners with “good friends” who are drinking right along with Aaron and has no objection to him driving home with the child…He will play the victim and tell you his sad sad story all day long and bring anyone he can into his pity party! This poor child is not only being kept from his mommy that he adores,but he is being neglected by his father that puts his needs and wants before his child’s..

What’s that kid doing at the party.- nik