THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Freddy Fags has officially been DA Certified as a $20k Milli wannabe DJ and a “Popper” ($20k milli who pops bottles using his paycheck). Mr. 20k milli appeared on an episode of “Baggage” hosted by Jerry Springer back in 2011 and revealed 3 pieces of baggage.

1.) He wears 1 of his 500 different bandannas every day.
2.) He uses his dates to sneak alcohol into clubs.
3.) He claims to have slept with over 1,500 women.

Nik, this clown is ridiculously delusional. He claims to be a DJ from Bayonne, New Jersey yet we know he pimps out stupid young party girls.

Pathetically, I actually believe #3.- nik