THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hope that you actually post this one. I dated Lauren Jennifer Paluck for a bit and meet her through the web. She is the most maniac depressive person that I have been in a relationship with. We all have our problems; however, most people try their best to work through them, not this one. She will tell you that she is not even trying. I gave her so many chances, Nik One day she will tell you that she loves you and wants children with you. The next day, she will be breaking-up with you and posting your personal information online, and this cycle goes on. Who ends a relationship with someone because they are not emotionally sound. Why not be honest and say that you are sleeping with others. Nik, everyone is stupid to this one.Again, I was too patient with her. Of course, I am a joke too because I was not aware of her hangers and “Michelin Man” like figure. I was totally in love with her and did not care about her short-comings. However, I am so embrassed that I dated Lauren Jennifer Paluck. How is she actually making posts about me because I totally did her a favor by sleeping with her. Nik, she also suffers from glaucoma because she is now saying that my telephone pole is small. I finally found the site her creative nude picture is posted on. The site’s called Just As I am. Her pictures are posted under the Gallery 3. Oh yes, she is supposedly fucking one of her clients who is 17 years-old. I would report this information to the police because she works with at-risk children. However, I am going to be selfish and distance myself from this one. I really do not want to be known as the guy that was dating a local diddler. Enclosed are some pictures that her underage partner has emailed me, also she works at some Pathways community center within Winnipeg’s North end

I have posted this (click here).  Trying browsing your city.- nik