THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the beautiful, fabulous Fake Nicole! Nik im not one to ushually be very judgemental but it just Erks me when i see these Want to be barbies, What do you think about the fake hair,Eyelashes,Tan,BucketLoads Of makeup. she almost looks shiney shes so plastic. wonder what she looks like without all the loads of spray tan hair spray and coverup 😐 Her personality is even more fake than her!! shell talk shit and backstab anyone. Dont let those stunning good loocks fool you she is a Rachet hoe works for escort services and i quote ” massage parlors” wonder how many Drd;s she has contracted and spread Yikes. i guess on the plus side shes starting To pack on Mass amounts of weight shes so full of shit shes exploding !!

I wasn’t expecting that belly, she’s got some good shadowing techniques (when she’s not posing with a friend).- nik