THE DIRTY ARMY: WELL nik. Montana Trotier, being of many things. Is a lying infested prick. . He, being the kind person he is. Decided to share his gift with me. HE IS REVOLTING. you know.. I didn’t think it was possible to be so sickened by the sight of someone.. But this guy, HAS NEVER FAILED TO SURPRISE ME WITH HIS BULLSHIT. He told me he broke up with his girlfriend.. to be with me.. on christmas eve.. we slept together.. I was still in love with him, as you can imagine iM not now that i have seen his true colors. He comes off sweet, caring. But in reality, Hes got more mental problems than the funny farm its self. I went in to get tested if i was pregnant. Thought it would be chill to see that i was clean.. Because im not the person to sleep around.. But you never know who is these days.. I came back positive with … The first thing that popped into my mind when she said ” Who have you had sex with in the past six months..” [removed]. Knowing that i cant do that. I pulled up my big girl pants.. Took the anti-biotic.. & It will be gone in a month.. But him.. Should i tell him hes a revolting pig.. Or should i just let him fester a bit.. Any thoughts ?

Nice Teddy’s.- nik