THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this guy was put up here once before. His name is Justin Poirier, he goes by his rap name Zedone of F.O here in Winnipeg..This guy has only been married for a lil over a year, and well this scum bag is a total cheat bag to his wife. He secretly has been cheating on his poor wife behind her back..When she thinks he’s at work. His work hours are not adding up on his paycheques one way to look at it as. He tell chicks when he’s all hammed out he loves his wife, but he has needs!! when she’s not around. He says shes ok to be a married to but dirt eventually shows and he says she is a slob and is lazy. At first when he met her he said she was not his type…I feel so bad for her because this guys nothing but a douchbag and ACTS like he’s better then everyone. He’s going on 30 n still acts like a 20 yr old…He has this so called “hobby” he does with his rapping but he needs to grow up n treat woman more then sex objects and get a real job. So beware woman of Winnipeg he is married and his wife is very happy with there marriage even though he says otherwise..

I wouldn’t consider his whale wars ‘playing’.- nik