THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Mr. Richie, first off I would like to say I follow your site relgiously. I value your opinion, and I need help. I’m a young college educated woman who has been in a devoted relationship for four years now. In the beginning, it was very good but the spark is now completely gone. I find certain habits of his (excessive drinking, placing his friends first) too hard to deal with. He never discusses any plans of a future with me, and when I ask him he just yeses me to death. His priorities aren’t in order at all, and I’ve tried several times to explain to him how I feel and was more than willing to compromise but lately I feel that all I am doing is settling. I wish there was a way to know where a path with or without him would lead me. I’ve been contemplating being on my own for a while now but I’m just scared and don’t know what else is out there. Everything with him is so repetative, and I’m not by any means spoiled but I believe the spark should never fade in a relationship. Please guide me Nik.

There is nothing to guide here. Break up with this loser. The person you are with is a direct reflection of who you are!- nik