THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this guy dated one of my friends for almost a year. During which time he continuously cheated, gave her numerous DRD’s and beat her on numerous occasions… the police were involved and he was held in jail. When she discovered she was pregnant from him his response was simply why should I care… He smashed in her car window because he was pissed off about who knows what. He has a wife, they are separated which he used to get a visa to Canada. Not to mention he has two beautiful little girls both of which he neglects and I have personally witnessed him when he is with them exposing them to his playboy ways. I’m sorry but I think someone should be respectful to women when around little girls. Did I forget to mention he is a thief as well he goes into stores and steals hundered of dollars of clothes and goods?  He spends his time sleeping with anything that walks, praying of women on POF, filling everyones lives with his posions ways. If you see this guy run and run fast.

This is a really bad look for Heineken.- nik