THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is posted above with her massive fake boobs. Her name is Rachel Riel and lives in Missoula, Montana. She works at Hooters and a lot has recently surfaced about her. I have not slept with her and I’m not in love with this girl or some jealous fanatic. I think that what she’s doing is flat out wrong. She has recently slept with several of my friends and my cousin. She received DRD from her ex-boyfriend Kyle and has very blatantly admitted to a couple of people she has the disease. The issue I take with this, is the fact she doesn’t warn people first. Condom or not, DRD is contagious. By being diagnosed she would know this yet she still chooses to sleep with people. People please do research! She can still give others the std without an outbreak being present because the shedding of the skin still contains the disease. This also takes 3 months to diagnose so people possibly would be unaware of having the disease. I think this website is the only way to show people how awful of a person she is. She claims to want to be a housewife and have kids, does she realize herpes can cause organ failure or kill newborns? Think about that for the other females Rachel! When you are out spreading your legs for Missoula, you are putting so many others at risk. How selfish are you? This is one of the only ways I can think to get this information out and warn people. Please spread the word so she can spread her disease. This is flat out wrong and I hope her parents are ashamed.

Poor Red Cups, always at the wrong place at the wrong time.- nik

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