THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this tool is Chris Klich, he is completely dirty, he gave my friend the cl*p and sca**es and gave them to countless other girls, three which I know about. Really, he’s quite low on the intelligence scale and the only education he has is culinary school to become a vegan chef. Yeah, one of those hipsters who think they are superior for their dietary choices. He brags about being a chef for the Occupy Portland movement but really he’s not a good person nor is he informed about politics, he’s dumb as a brick and sleeps with anything that walks. He hangs out at the Brooklyn skate spot frequently and thinks he’s hot shit for having his skate photos in some shitty indie mag. He works at this restaurant the Blossoming Lotus, just a warning to anyone who eats there his scies infested hands have been touching the food for the last couple months so watch out Portland!

Dudes full of pie.- nik