THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, could you PLEASE tell me what the attraction to Miss McCahill is? Because I dont see it. She got into Playboy from being a legacy. Like mother like daughter, I guess. I find it gross that she tries to imitate her mother by doing the same sh*t she did in the 60’s. They don’t mind that they’ve seen each other naked and couldnt be more proud of it. That to me is incest! Some 50 year old dude she was “dating” bought her her boobs a few years back. It was only then that she became relevant. Shes always in the clubs downtown Chicago. People find you as an easy target, Crystal because you are fast to take your clothes off. So Nik, please help me find the attraction with this has been. And help me understand why girls are proud to be seen in Playboy. I just dont get it.

She is still the hottest chick Chicago has produced, which is sad.- nik