THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe how stupid the IRS is.  Courtney Roskop is filing for bankruptcy claiming that she is 6k in debt and only makes $300 a month.  That is complete BS.  She has been non stop hooking for the last year and with $700/HR and much as she brags on twitter about how many clients she has… the girl is easily pulling in 15k a month.  The IRS is being scammed and they really need to look into her situation.  They should watch the videos she puts up on youtube and hear here talking about her clients.  Check out a few tweets of hers I put together.  Does this look like a girl out of work?  Hell No.  Also for those that don’t know, in the hooking business when a girl is on “Tour”, its when her pimps set her up with a ton of clients and the girl comes out and sees them all over a 2 week span.  Sometimes seeing up too 6 clients in a day.

I’m surprised the IRS didn’t dig deeper… they were pretty thorough with me.- nik