THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so here is Joey Sevart or “Boston Sevs” he is on parol in Lubbock but has his fake facebook saying he lives in Austin so his parol officer doesn’t find it. I saw a post a guy in Lubbock posted on FB and thought this was a post I had to make on here. He has a habit of getting close to people and ratting them out for anything he can so he doesnt have to go back to prison. He ratted out some high level MEXICAN MAFIA guys a while ago and when confronted about it said F*ck them I run West Texas!!! He goes out all the time to bars and different cities that would break his parol but some how never gets in trouble??? I wonder how he gets away with that? RAT Maybe?? Honestly I don’t care about that I am mad at how he beats up girls on the REG and gets away with it!!! He is very possessive and freaks out on girls if they dont do exactly what he says. Any man who beats up girls is a piece of shit! Enough said!!! P.S> If you would like to find Joey he hangs out at Chimy’s and Confrence and drives a new black four door Mercedes….and he doesnt go to the depot because he is scared to run into people he ratted on.

Joey Sevart sounds like an undercover cop.- nik