THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as promised, I will finish our countdown on Miami’s 12 Lost souls, for #10 I present Raven Bennett, aka Dj Menage A Vu. Raven is no stranger to TheDirty, she was put on here before when she banged a bunch of my crew from various clubs in town for free pepsi. I dont know whats worse, her twitter account claiming she is a recording artist, DJ, and producer with a summer residency coming soon (with 100 followers) or the fact that she presses play in a swingers club half naked and honestly thinks she is a DJ. Nik, we should have had Raven spin at your Bday party last weekend for Scooby, at least then she would of earned her booking fee.

Who DJ’s at Metallica parties?- nik


Raven Bennett Thinks She Runs Miami