THE DIRTY ARMY: He goes by a many different names. Variations of the first and middle names are usually Julius, Wellington, Winston; last names Lekolea, Molife, Moeshu. Real name is believed to be JULIUS WELLINGTON MOLIFE. He is a sociopath and potentially dangerous; financially, emotionally, mentally, possibly physically. He always has at least 2-10+ girlfriends at a time. He can and will lie about every aspect of his life with no remorse or guilt; lies about his name, occupation, whereabouts, family, friends… everything. He does not have 8 siblings, he likely has 4 maybe 5. He was born in Zimbabwe in 1983, not South Africa. He has unprotected sex with women when he knows have incurable herpes and passes them on to other women with no conscience. He has had 7 or 8 children in the last 6 years and does not care for any of them. He can be easily identified by large scars on his cheeks under his eyes and a deep V shaped scar on his forehead. He will tell you (big performance, probably tears in his eyes) that they are from “voodoo” in Africa when he was a baby. Real cause most likely tribal. If you or anyone you know is dating this man, turn and run. Cut your losses, move on, get away. Then Google antisocial personality disorder, pathological liar, sociopathy and psychopathy. l

I find multiple girlfriends very hard to believe.  Canadians aren’t that nice.- nik