THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Enrique Murillo is his name. He is in the military at Fort Bragg. But unfortunately just because he’s a soldier doesn’t make him respectable. Firt off he looks like a gorilla and his hair is thinning majorly and all that gel Enrique – DOESN’T HELP! He is a complete douchebag. He goes to clubs in Raleigh and Fayetteville and acts like he is Gods gift to women. He wears those ridiculous suits that make him look like Herman Munster. He cracks on every race and religion and is so critical of women on facebook but in the clubs, he will talk to anything and screw anything. P*ssy doesn’t have a face but he has an image to maintain. I wish someone would bust his bubble and put him in his place. He is so annoying. I run if I see him in a club. EXTREMLY OBNOXIOUS! Did you see in the background of the one picture on the chalkboard? Broken V J-J? And then his self-bathroom picture, give me a break. Zip up your pants and put that little boy away Mr. Suave.

Keep combing that hair forward Enrique, nobody can tell.- nik