THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, do you know Haley Giraldo? She is the daughter of grammy winner Pat Benatar (80s rocker). This girl is just interesting to look at. She tried to be in a girl group when younger that went no where. As of now I dont believe she does anything other than party at clubs and have video convos with paparazzi where she seems drunk and sloppy. Somehow she is friends with Nicole Scherzinger? But in all realness she is really attractive in a perplexing way. Her body shape is unreal… her family friends seemed to be concerned about her weight as shes always struggled. But I’m sure you’d approve of her super skinny frame. You will love her waist. Her proportions are perfect……. She also has huge boobs which seem natural. A ginormous mouth which puts her in the clown category (Taylor Armstrong vibe). A ton of money. Overall enviable. What do you think of her Nik? And does anyone have dirt on this girl? I think she has Dirty Celeb potential and could be the new Paulina Gretzky.

I partied with her in Cabo once, they are real.- nik