THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this bitch on blast again. Apparently the last post didn’t sink in. She’s still stalking me. I dumped Kelly about a month ago and she won’t stop. Originally I thought she was adorable, but boy was I wrong. I get text messages from her at 3 am, telling me the reason she won’t eat is because of me. She says that I am the cause of her eating disorder and she will “fast” until I text her back. This is absolutely one hundred percent crazy. I could care less what she does to herself, as long as she leaves me the hell alone. I’m hoping that if you publish her up here again maybe she’ll take the hint and back the hell off. I had to switch gyms because of her. The people at the front desk would tell me that she would call all day seeing if I was there. To make matters worse, every girl I’m linked to on facebook who has either appeared in a photo with me or commented on my wall has received messages from an anonymous person calling them all sorts of things like fat and ugly. I just want her off my back. Today is the last straw. She sent me a pic message of herself before and after and she told me that her body is more shredded and ripped than this girl I’m seeing and that she’s obviously the better choice. I don’t want a girl who’s shredded and ripped. I want to date a girl who isn’t completely f*cking psycho like Kelly Dulak. Please put her on blast. Let her know how big of a psycho she is. And make sure to include that I do NOT want to go to Ultra Music Festival with her for the last time! She keeps inviting me to go, even willing to pay for my flight and hotel. Crazy, huh?

They don’t make fake racks in Jersey anymore?- nik