THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to put this guy on blast ASAP!!!! His name is Larry Goone and I think his last name says it all! He’s well over 45+ and has a 2 creepy companies in Chicago. Born A Babe is his non nude but very gross web company that takes pics of young(mostly 17 year old) in bikini’s or underwear. He NEVER pays any of them but promises them money after he sells the pics which NEVER happens. He also uses the pics for his other company SEXCON. A dirty hot dog fest he holds every year in Chicago.  Larry is under investigation for sexual contact with a minor and has been arrested many times for drugs. He walks around the city stinking of BO and weed, always drunk or high on something, and tells everyone he’s an ex porn star.  He also owes TONS of money and burns everyone who’s stupid enough to do business with him. The truth is he lives as a squatter in a dumpy little basement apartment in the burbs where he grows weed, broke as a joke, and has sex with under age girls wanting to be models. This fool goes to clubs with a video camera and tapes girls including up skirt shots and then tells the managers he’s gonna put together a promo reel for them so they comp his drinks. He’s a real dirt bag!

They still make holes in jeans?- nik