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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a big fan of your site for exposing hoes, phonies and giving advice. Anyway, my buddy has an immigrant girlfriend, she actually forced him to marry her for a green card. Although he hasn’t told me that he married her. He provides the girl a house, a car in his name, showed her what it meant to live like an American etc. She doesn’t let him hang out with his friends and controls everything he does. I know the girl isn’t good for him and I was proven right the other night. I found out from a reliable source that the girl was cheating on him. What should I do? My biggest concern is he doesn’t have prenup and if he makes money down the road, she can rob him. I think she is using him as a stepping stone until she finds another more successful guy to wife her up. I don’t want to risk our friendship? What should I do?

You have to tell him. Don’t worry… if it worked out for Tiger Woods, I’m sure it will work out for your boy.- nik