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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this chick is the totally package in the Dallas lime life. If you love a headache and an empty wallet she might be the one. Lets play a game. Which word or phase don’t belong to describe meg: pretty, bad boob job, sl*tty personality, obsessive, not coordinated, hypocrite, catholic girl, Opportunist, stripper, thief, lazy eyed, eating disorder, daddy issues, commitment issues, monkey, sand paper skin. -stripper you say? No, but Good try. She convinced working in the house of ill repute and sin is washed away with the offering tray at church. -monkey? No, this is a term used for girl who swing from guy to guy or Greg to Greg. She’s a monkey. In this game, all other words are spot on description of this devious parasite.  She always seem to be with a different guy, she could of been just another Dallas girl, but she picked my man at the time to hustle and prey on. Hope those chanel shoes were worth it. Hey troll DA’ s watching you.

You forgot the word Adderal.- nik