THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the nastiest boy professional hockey has ever seen. Richard Nedomlel thinks he’s a big deal and hot sh*t because he’s in the NHL, when in reality he is in the WHL (an AMATEUR league) and thinks he’s made it pro to the Red Wings. What his teams would love to know I’m sure are his questionable at best decisions and sexual partners. To start, he has been with MULTIPLE underage girls while he has had a girlfriend, and pressures them into sending nudes/skype sex and then threatens that he’ll send their pics out when they don’t want to send anymore. This is a WARNING to young girls out there to stay away from this predator! He also had a thing with Diamond Simpson, the tranny who has been posted on here a couple times (I guess he’s into that? umm.. EW) The fact that he had a thing with IT goes to show, he is CLEARLY mentally unstable! So watch out ladies, girls, and even guys I guess- because this sad excuse for a man will stop at nothing to get in your pants.

This guy sounds like all the minor league baseball players in Scottsdale right now who tell chicks they play for the Giants.- nik