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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I remember reading a post you wrote a while back where you said Elvira could have made it big, but she didnt listen to you. I dont know her but I can somewhat see what you mean, she wasted her potential like many girls do and didn’t strike while the iron was hot. I’m moving to LA in August and want to know what do you think ruins girls careers or stunts them, and what advice do you have for girls if they actually want to have a good modeling/acting career, and I dont mean a matress or porta potty. Besides looking the part, being young, thin, etc.. what are the steps a girl should do to make it big and not do to ruin her career.

The only thing that ruins a girl is AGE. If you are not hitting auditions hard at 19 then you will be banging losers in Hollywood from 22-29 years of age until you move home pregnant and starting life from scratch. Elvira never left home because she loves everyone kissing her ass. She cannot take rejection and to make it in LA you need to eat rejection like candy.- nik