THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This scumbag is Mauro Costa, probably the biggest man whore in Orlando! I dated him, which I can’t believe I actually did, for almost a year and the entire time he was cheating and whoring around with the ugliest skanks in the city. His new girlfriend, Leah Feldman is the queen of the skanks, only with him for the little bit of money he has left, if she only knew the truth! I know of 4 girls he is currently sleeping with behind her back. He has screwed over every single one of his friends and even tried to get together with his boss’s girlfriend Kelly, at least she had enough brains not to get with him. Now he has told his current gf that he bought the townhouse they are currently living in, not true sweetheart and that he’ll pay for everything, including her car, expenses, etc. He tells all of his whores that, hopefully she’ll learn her lesson before it’s too late! The only way I found out he was cheating on me is that he keeps all of his whores underwear as trophies! Gross! I found over 10 different pairs! Ladies of Orlando you have been warned! Don’t be a fool like I was, please!

Chicks always seem to be blinded by a suit.- nik