THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cristy Rice, former wife of NBA baskeball player Glenn Rice, (the one he caught with a dude hiding in her closet while they were married) is back to her old dirrtyyyyy ways. Cristy Rice has been spotted all over Miami with Airline Owner Teo Hoffmann, who is “happily married” and with 3 grown kids with his wife of 20+++ years. The dirt is there has been a massive war on instagram and homeboy can’t make up his mind on staying faithful to his wife or banging a dirrty middle aged b*tch that lost her swag in the 90’s after she got rammed by Rice and popped out 3 kids of her own. Attached are some pictures of Cristy “I like to f*ck married men” Rice and the douche bagg she’s banging… the funniest part – homeboy is Mormon… eternity is gonna be a lil f*cked up in this scenario!

I would say they are friends, but they wrap around each other really well.- nik