THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Since Gena Paulhus was on here the other day, I thought I would tell you about the rest of the Avenged Sevenfold women. The first picture is Valary Dibenedetto, she claims to be a huge model and actress. She also claims she “made” Avenged Sevenfold what it is today because she used to steal money to help pay for studio time. She is also a huge b*tch and cheats on her husband all the time. Next is her twin sister, Michelle Dibenedetto. Michelle is severely addicted to drugs & alcohol and used to just be a f*ck buddy until she got one of the band members to date her and then eventually marry her. She also cheats on her husband like there’s no tomorrow. Thirdly, Lacey Franklin- I don’t know her well enough to say anything bad about her. She seems like a pretty decent woman so no picture of her. Lastly, Leana MacFadden. Lena was dating the former drummer at the time of his death (RIP). Days after her boyfriend died, she added a bunch of pictures of her and her new boyfriend saying they were in love. Leana is also a cheap hooker and porn star. All in all, these women treat their husbands like dirt when their husbands are giving them the world. Knock some sense into their men, Nik!

Sounds like you have slept with someone in the band.- nik


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