THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, this is a last ditch effort. Everyone around this girl tries to help her but she just won’t listen… Her name is Joyelle but she goes by JoJo, she lives in Tacoma ATM but grew up in Ellensburg. For a while she worked at a strip club called “Little Darlings” waitressing and then moving on to stripping. I’m not sure when she met her current boyfriend but I do know he has hit her, cheated on her and I’ve heard people say that he’s her pimp but who knows. Yes, her pimp. As in she was (possibly still is) an escort. That may have been how she met him. She comes from a decent family who loves her, Nik. She has such potential! Recently she got +2”s and they make her body look more proportionate but it’s a shame that she probably only got them to appeal more to potential clients. Nik please tell her she’s worth more than a cheap lay or a lap dance. Maybe she’ll listen to it coming from you… She sure hasn’t from anyone else. (Pics are of her pre and post +2’s)

+2’s cost a premium…- nik