THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Chewbacca thinks everyone is jealous of her. That’s not the case. She’s a home wrecker. She has sex with people’s husbands and boyfriends. Knowing they are together. Her goal is to MAKE people jealous of her. She has to sleep with other women’s men in order to get people “hate” on her. They don’t not like her because they want to be her. They “hate” on her because she’s easy and has to sleep with other people’s man. But it only slaps her and the face a proves she’s just a piece because the men she sleeps with never want a relationship with her and always beg for their girlfriends back in the end. She’s always putting on a front saying “playmate of 2012” all over her pages. 2012 came and went… Where’s the Playboy title? Pretty sad that her goal in life is to be a playmate. Grow up Amanda, realize no one wants to be you. No one likes you. Your so fake. Tricia’s not jelous, she doesn’t want to be you. You obviously just want what’s hers.

Why does this girl strive to be a piece of meat?- nik