THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this dirty loser out. His name is Daniel Muir and he is one of the dirtiest losers in Halifax. He likes to go out and get drunk at the dirtiest bars in Halifax and brag about how drunk/wasted he was on his weekend and how many women he picked up. He thinks he has the good looks of a model and can get any woman he wants. he is always trying to pickup women who are in committed relationships.He has been trying to get with my girl Connie McLellan for a while even though he knows we are dating and in a relationship. Give it a rest man, you have probably been trying for years, she will never be with you. he is always trying to pick her up when they are drinking together and putting his arm around her to cop a little feel.You will never have the smooth moves of the french buddy, you are just a dirty greasy hillbilly who thinks he has game.Did I mention he thinks he is this big tough fighter.He probably thinks he is MMA material. If you are so tough why don’t you be a little more upfront about trying to steal peoples women you coward. Nik what do you think, does this loser got any game?

You wanna know if this guys got game…that’s not what this site is about.- nik