THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Josh Newy, the biggest joke in Philly. This guy is such a creeper and desperate as hell. He’s an attention seeking crybaby who “thinks” he lifts. He trolls every halfway decent looking girl on Instagram and Facebook. If you look at his page, you’ll see that he follows 3000 people- all girls! He will send you a request then go thru your entire friends list and request all your pretty friends too- and he doesn’t care if they’re 15 or 45. Then he’ll proceed to like every photo of yours to get your attention. God forbid you send him a comment or like one of his pics back and he’s begging you to text him. Then within the first conversation he is sending you a picture of his penis. I know at least 5 girls that he’s done this to- including me, yet he always claims “you’re the only one”. This guy is such a loser- used to be promoter who is now a bus boy at some restaurant, lives at home with mommy and daddy and takes public transportation everywhere because he can’t afford a car. Not only that but he claims to be a bodybuilder and is always flexing and posting “selfies”. He’s about 5 foot 2 and 140 lbs soaking wet. He claims to have banged the hottest girls, but all of them are barely legal and have no clue. He is always women bashing on Facebook or throwing himself a pity party for attention. Nik, please tell this dude to get a life and stop creeping on girls. Oh and his d*ck isn’t all that big- he claims its 7 inches- but in my opinion that’s just average.

Cell phones should not be allowed in the gym, its turned into a photo-op.- nik