THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ralyn Babiash the biggest wanna be cowgirl/country girl you’ll ever meet. She may have many men in this town fooled but any woman can see right through her fictitious personality. Ralyn is one of those girls that’s sweet and genuine to you when its convenient for her. When you’re no longer useful in her life, watch out, here comes psycho bitch! I don’t think faithful is even in her vocabulary. Not only will she lie straight to your face but you better believe she’ll go after your man as well. This post isn’t about jealousy, its about the truth. Ralyn goes through friends/boyfriends as fast as you can snap your fingers and blames everyone around her for the drama in her life. She acts like a complete bitch to everyone, but says she’s just being real. But hey, if you’re a guy looking for someone to chat with message Ralyn Babiash on Facebook. I’m sure she won’t turn you down.

That must be some guys shirt, she’s no athlete.- nik