THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Darcy Ondraya Katérina Gauvin A.K.A. Darcy Diamond, she’s an ex escort and child hooker and now works as a crappy stripper. Her real story is that her and her dad have a secret love affair, how do I know this you ask? I have known her ever since she was a child we grew up together in Saskatchewan and she would always be telling us that her and her dad cuddle nude together. Shortly after that she became pregnant, funny how she lost custody of the child. She tell’s people it’s cause she was young and wasn’t ready to be a mother, but the real story is because she had it with her father. Moving on ahead now she moved to Alberta and started escorting and one of her escort friends got her into stripping, she’s not really good cause it looks like she’s pretty much having a seizure standing up. She’s constantly complaining that she can’t find a good guy or that guys just treat her like crap, yet she’s constantly taking pictures half nude with guys holding her and making out with her. She’s also complains when she breaks up with a guy that she’s done with all guys and staying single, yet 30 minutes later she’s on her knees with her panties around her ankles giving head. She claims to do side modeling and that she doesn’t do nudes, yet a lot of the photos shes nude in them. Also she really doesn’t pay for the photo sessions cause she does ‘favors’. She’s even went as far as to shave her eyebrows and tattoo her eyebrows which as you can see from her photos have made her look like a Transgender. Nik I wanna know what you think of this dirty broad?

I hope that’s not true..- nik