THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA Strong for years now. This white trash is Emma and Eddie Lovett. They hail from Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m really surprised they have never been posted on here before. As you can see these two are a match made in HELL lol. White trash tattoos cover both of their bodies. Emma who has almost non-existent boobs is REALLY in need of +2’s but even then she still wouldn’t be hot because she has a tat directly on her right boob lmao. Her only redeeming attribute is her 4 finger inner thigh gap. She has messed up teeth, HUGE roast beef lips, real stringy hair (probably from being anorexic) talks so ghetto, say’s the N word constantly and has the perfect white trash boyfriend to keep her company. Neither of these two have real jobs and they both sit around and smoke weed every day. Emma you need to eat a cheeseburger, get some + 2’s, and slow down on the drugs. nik