THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is about the new Raptors recruit known as JV. People know him as this nice guy who just recently got engaged to his hometown girl but little do they know he was cheating on her the moment he moved to Toronto. The girl he was cheating on with is a good friend of my cousin and she is such a sweet heart she had no idea that he had a girlfriend all along because he gave her this nice guy image. She never asked him or used him for anything like these groupies because she actually cared about him and the when he left to back to his country after the season was over she never heard from him and later found out he was engaged. She was devastated but till this day this girl has nothing bad to say about him but I think he should b put on blast for his douchiness.

No wonder his name is Junior Varsity… what a JV move. Your friend should reach out to Chin-Chilla for guidance.- nik