THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as I was looking through my twitter feed today I noticed Perez Hilton tweeted a link to a statement about Lady GaGa. Earlier today some people had tweeted Lady GaGa that they saw Perez in her apartment lobby, she replied asking for more information. Obviously, after all the sh*t he has been talking about GaGa on her latest song she felt a little uncomfortable. She had security contacted, and Perez was escorted out of the building. Apparently he was interested in getting an apartment next to hers, as he is moving to NYC for a “better” life. GaGa tweeted Perez to leave her alone and claiming he harasses her (somewhat true). Perez was very “hurt” about this fall out & claims she has told lies about it, which I don’t get because he does admit that he was in the apartment complex. Honestly who knows what the hell he is talking about, it is sad to see him strive for a new life & continue to talk sh*t about his friends. I can’t tell if he just is completely clueless on how much people don’t like him, or if he is even addicted to his blog? His blog is getting old, & he is always looking for something to get views and attention. What is your view on this? It is disgusting to see him act this way after “starting a new life” with his son.

Perez Hilton made Lady Gaga famous… if anything Lady Gaga should let him and his son move into her spare bedroom.- nik