THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with Scooby Snack’s real age being revealed, I took it upon myself to see if Thickness was lying too. Sarah Scheller claims to be 23, but according to her arrest back in 2007, she was 23 THEN, making her 29 now just like Kina. The funny thing is, if these girls didn’t load up on the Botox and over-the-top lip injections, they probably COULD pass for 23 and 24. Thickness is always uploading TBT pictures, and even though she hilariously compresses all of them to make her look skinnier, her face was actually not that bad before, especially compared to what it looks like now. Obviously she never was or will never be pretty, but without the disgusting lip injections, atleast she would look younger.

I wonder where Thickness and Scooby Snack will throw their joint 30th birthday party?- nik