THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first off I couldn’t mark a city for this douchebag because Loserville wasn’t a category… anyway, I run with the “King of Nightlife” aka King Beatz and we truly cannot stop laughing at this douchebag that we use to let run with us.  Broke ass Rob Franchise aka The Peach Ciroc Queen… he finally started IG’ing again and as you can see, he is trying to get back at KB by posting this picture of a bootleg broke KB and as you can see in every picture now he has a hashtag “f*ckyowebsite” and that is directly aimed at you Nik.  King Beatz use to hate you and your site, but after you posted KB and Ciroc Queen, KB realized that Rob was truly using him and being a broke moocher and that is when we cut him off from the team… no broke dudes that is the only rule we have, no matter if you are self made or your parents fund your life… long as you got funds, you can run with us… no more people like Rob are going to be around us.  So Nik, don’t take it personal, Rob is mad that you woke up KB and KB decided to do some damage control and better’ed his life… Rob enjoying posting Throwback pictures on IG forever since you will never be able to afford another bottle.

Life is not about the bottle. When are you losers going to realize this?- nik