9/19/13- Appeal for help in fatal 'Puppy Doe' dog torture case.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy tortured a puppy and left her to die. This was in Boston, please help find this future serial killer.  The severely malnourished pitbull endured months of torture that included having its limbs pulled apart in a medieval-style “drawing,” the vet who performed the dog’s necropsy told authorities plead with the public to help them find the “sadistic” person responsible.  This makes me sick to my stomach and I would personally murder this person if I was given the chance.  Click here to read full Boston Herald Article.

I’m thinking of doing some type of Pittbull rescue or animal rescue for our next DA Mission. If you know of certain causes I should look into please email me Nik@TheDirty.com.- nik